Have you ever wondered how people build such massive YouTube followings? How is it some kid with a thick Australian accent (❤ Aussies) has eight million subscribers when all he does is vlog about his cat and how amazing pickles taste with peanut butter while playing World of Warcraft?

Success on YouTube comes down to a few fundamental principles. First of all, you need to give viewers a promise: What sort of content are you going to provide them with on a weekly or daily basis? And then once you make that promise, you have to stick to it — that’s the important part.

See, people forget that YouTube is, in a sense, a variation of the television. And long before the Netflix and Roku’s of the world took over, some of us had to, you know, show up at a certain time to watch our favorite show.

In many ways, that’s how YouTube operates as well. If you say you are going to put out a video a week, then you better put out a video every week — you promised your viewers you would. And it’s this expectation of content that ultimately creates loyalty, and loyalty creates a subscriber base.

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