The single most valuable thing a person could have on the Internet is a Personal Brand...

Take YouTube personality FaZe Apex as an example

He isn’t just some random person (I mean he is — we all are just random people), and his birth name isn’t “FaZe Apex,” but still he is a recognized “name” in the industry.

ZeRo has gone so far as to brand himself with hashtags like #teamzero, which his audience recognizes and responds to.

But I have a theory…

The reason gamers inherently understand this concept (and the value behind) personal branding speaks very much to the nature of video games themselves.

In a video game, you are not your character. You play your character, but you are not actually your character. Your character is a representation of you, and a way for you to express aspects of your personality as you see fit.

As a result, gamers sit behind their keyboards and construct “new versions” of themselves. And we all know the stereotypes, right? The nerdy kid in his desk chair who, on the Internet, proclaims to all the size of his “almighty great-sword.” 

But the truth is, the vast majority of gamers are far more creative than that. They learn to accentuate certain personality traits to create themselves into a “persona.”

Without even really meaning to, they build themselves into a “personal brand.”

Look at any other industry, and this concept of self-construction on the Internet is much less prominent. The two other industries where this is most common is entertainment (comedy, etc.), and actually fitness.

"A Personal Brand is when you, as an individual, are recognized as an “entity.” An easy way of thinking about it is if you, a gamer, are recognized by your gamer tag or your character’s name."

Who wouldn’t want to turn themselves into an aesthetic God, amirite?

Gamers possess this inherent ability to think of themselves as a “character” that they can construct, and as a result it gives them a significant advantage in the realm of Personal Branding. In a sense, they give themselves so much more creative freedom.

As a gamer, you should always ask yourself who your “character” is. Who do you want to be “known as?” And how can you shape your Personal Brand around aspects of yourself, just with the volume knob turned up a bit?

"What Is A Personal Brand?"

OR take Smash legend TSM ZeRo

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