Our Mission

We invest in gamers to propel their careers while growing and legitimizing eSports in mainstream media.

We create video courses with some of the best streamers, competitive gamers, and content creators- teaching the next generation of gaming personalities how to accomplish their goals of making a living in the gaming community. 

“If you want to be the best, learn from the best"

You know what’s really easy to do?

 It’s really, painfully, easy to sit in your couch, read something like this, and say, “Well maybe if I was 15 years old and had all the time in the world and nothing better to do with my time I’d be able to be a full time streamer or competitive gamer. There’s no shot, it’s impossible to make it on Twitch these days and orgs don’t care about real talent anyways”. 

That was really easy. It’s even easier due to the fact that the other option you have is to believe us when we say, anyone can make a living in the gaming community, anyone can become a full time streamer, and anyone can build a career out of themselves doing something that they truly love. The only thing stopping you is your fear of failing. 

Enter the Dojo- beyond the video courses and eBooks teaching you how to grow your gaming career to the point where it’s a solid source of income. We’ve also created a community of gamers who are like minded and all aspiring towards the same goals. The courses are taught by gamers we identify as masters of their own personal craft- because another issue we found in the gaming space is that everyone has an opinion on how you can “make it” but all of those opinions are coming from people who haven’t actually “made it” themselves. 

We’re a tribe of people who are determined to prove to the toxic players and trolls of the world that the only thing holding anyone back from becoming a partnered streamer is the will to get up and do it coupled with direction. It’s not a lack of knowledge in the space that’s holding it back- it’s lack of direction, and credibility. 

We started LVLUP Dojo because as eSports continues to explode a lot of big brands are trying to jump on the bandwagon. What that means, is that streamers, Youtubers, and competitive gamers are all of a sudden being courted by suits in hopes that he or she will be the direct gateway to said suits new customer base. 

If big business is getting involved in eSports, gamers need to smarten up to make sure that the narrative of the industry isn’t controlled by big brands who didn’t know the space existed up until a year ago. 

We want to provide the next generation of gamers with the tools and resources they need to grow while staying in control of their brands. We want to grow the community by empowering it’s members with the knowledge they need to contribute to the gaming community- because that’s the only way we see to keep it authentic and real. If eSports and gaming is going to see a huge influx of investment then the responsibility to keep the community true to itself is for the people that are a part of it stop being consumers and become creators.

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